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kids butte uggs|uggs outlet stores chicago kids butte uggs,uggs outlet stores chicago,bailey ugg boots sale,mens ugg boots clearance sale,ugg gloves women,cyber monday uggs 220 square miles searched in 3 counties It's been one week and still no sign of 15 year old Kathlynn Shepard. State and local investigators plan to meet tomorrow to discuss the next steps in the search. This is video from Friday. The DNR and volunteers were still looking today. Kathlynn and 12 year old Dezi Hughes were kidnapped after getting off the school bus in Dayton. Dezi managed to escape. Investigators say Michael Klunder took the girls and then killed himself. Today Kathlynn's family talked to KCCI in their first televised interview. Laura Nichols shows us why they've made it their mission to make sure this doesn't happen to another family. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHY IT WAS KATHLYNN. THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN UNDERSTAND THAT, BUT WHY HE GOT OUT. THAT'S THE PART THAT UPSETS ME. THAT'S THE PART THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Michael Shepard can't help but think that if Michael Klunder was still in prison his daughter Kathlynn would be home safe with her family. HAD HE BEEN IN THERE IT STILL WOULD HAVE BEEN ANOTHER 18 YEARS BEFORE HE'D HAVE BEEN OUT. SO THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN 18 YEARS HE COULDN'T HAVE HURT ANYBODY. But after serving just over 20 years for a kidnapping conviction Klunder got out of prison because state law says he didn't have to serve a mandatory sentence. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOOD BEHAVIOR FOR THAT KIND OF A CRIME. The Shepard family says it's time to change the law and they're hoping Kathlynn's story will help do that. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO REFORM. KEEP THEM THERE. THEY ARE GOING TO HURT SOMEONE ELSE. WHETHER IT'S A 21 YEAR OLD, A 15 YEAR OLD, OR A 3 YEAR OLD. THEY ARE GOING TO HURT SOMEBODY ELSE. THE MANDATORY SENTENCING WOULD MAKE IT THAT MUCH MORE DIFFICULT FOR THEM TO CONTIUE ON THAT PATH. It's the Shepard family's new mission working to change the the law so that no one else has the go through the unimaginable pain they are. Laura Nichols, KCCI 8 News, Iowa's News Leader. Kathlynn's family is not giving up hope! They say it's not IF she's coming home, Investigators used dogs to search in hog confinement buildings linked to the man suspected of kidnapping Shepard. Special agent Bill Kietzman of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation said Tuesday that 20 law enforcement officials with dogs were searching for Kathlynn Shepard at hog lots where Michael Klunder worked. Kietzman said many of the areas have already been searched multiple times, but that investigators were using "different dogs to see if we have any luck." Police said Klunder abducted Kathlynn and a 12yearold friend last week while they were walking home from school in Dayton. The 12yearold escaped at a hog confinement where Shepard took them, but Kathlynn has been missing. Police say Klunder committed suicide hours after the abduction. Investigators said law enforcement and volunteers have searched approximately 220 square miles of Webster, Boone and Hamilton counties. Dayton Police Chief Nick Dunbar said investigators from several agencies met Tuesday to compare notes and to discuss how to proceed. He said searchers are planning to recheck some areas that have already been searched, and are also going out to new areas in the region. kids butte uggs,uggs outlet stores chicago,bailey ugg boots sale,mens ugg boots clearance sale,ugg gloves women,cyber monday uggs